Ambient Guitar, Chapman Stick & PBass Meet for the 1st Time!

I recently visited my friend Bill Vencil, the ambient guitar whiz at Chords of Orion.

I had dusted off the Chapman Stick and brought it with me. Even though I had some concerns about playing it well, Bill rolled the tape and posted the result at his YouTube channel.

That’s Bill’s son, Nathan, on his Fender Precision bass.

2 Replies to “Ambient Guitar, Chapman Stick & PBass Meet for the 1st Time!”

  1. Interesting. I never heard of or saw a Chapman Stick so I checked it out. Wow, I love it. Too bad you have to use an amp to make it work but it’s definitely coming up as a favorite for me. Keep dusting.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Jennifer. There’s no doubt I’m rusty on this, but it’s okay. Bill and I have been friends for many years and played in a band together back in the day. When we met, Bill loved the classical composer Charles Ives. I was into the southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd. We hit it off from the first day 😉

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