Release Your Creative Potential, live coaching version

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Release Your Creative Potential is the flagship product of Jim Wall Coaching.

The seven topics in the series will give you an overview of what it means to be an artist and the child of a loving, creative God. You’ll learn Biblical perspectives on creativity, and you’ll apply those perspectives to your unique skills, circumstances and experiences.

Here are the seven topics covered in Release Your Creative Potential

  1. What is the Connection between God and Creativity?
  2. How has God Built You?
  3. How Will You Combine Self-Expression and Beyond-Imagination?
  4. What does God-led Creativity Look Like?
  5. What’s the Place of Money and Fame?
  6. What are Your Creative Patterns and Processes?
  7. How will You Live as an Artist in God’s Presence?

In this live coaching sessions version,  you’ll read the seven articles one at a time. We’ll then have a live coaching session that includes discussing your thoughts related to the self-coaching questions at the end of each article.

We’ll start with the first article, What is the Connection Between God and Creativity? , and then have a total of seven coaching sessions, with each session lasting 30 minutes.

There will be time set aside in each of our sessions for you to focus on a goal or challenge that you’d like to discuss.

Please know in advance: as your coach I will help you explore and discover answers and approaches that are most effective for you. I will not give you all the answers as a consultant, mentor or advice giver. See FAQ for more info about what coaching is and how it benefits you.

The coaching in this series is designed to help your growth by applying what you’ve learned. You’ll commit to one of more of the following by the end of the series:

  • create something or…
  • develop or sharpen a specific skill or…
  • develop or improve an identifiable leadership skill

This package includes direct coaching (phone, Zoom, or in-person), along with chat and email support.

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This series is also available as a lower cost email coaching version, or as a no cost, self-directed version.

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