Release Your Creative Potential, self-directed version

This self-directed coaching approach walks you through my online series: Release Your Creative Potential.

The seven topics in the series will give you an overview of what it means to be an artist and the child of a loving, creative God. You’ll learn Biblical perspectives on creativity, and you’ll apply those perspectives to your unique skills, circumstances and experiences.

See “description” on this page for more information about the seven topics.

Discover the joy of creating in God’s image!


Here are the seven topics covered in Release Your Creative Potential

  1. What is the Connection between God and Creativity?
  2. How has God Built You?
  3. How Will You Combine Self-Expression and Beyond-Imagination?
  4. What does God-led Creativity Look Like?
  5. What’s the Place of Money and Fame?
  6. What are Your Creative Patterns and Processes?
  7. How will You Live as an Artist in God’s Presence?

In this self-directed, free version, you’ll read a series of articles at the site. Each article has self-coaching questions at the end. You’ll answer the questions in the way that best applies to you. To get the most out of the questions, be sure to either write down your answers or have a friend ask you.

After you’ve completed all seven in the series, send me an email to let me know what you’ve learned about God, yourself, and your art. By sending me an email, you’ll feel more accountable, which means you’ll go deeper in your learning, growth, and application. I would love to hear what you learned, what got you excited, what challenges you have, etc.

To access the series go to the BLOG CATEGORIES block at the bottom of any page and select “series: Release Your Creative Potential,” or simply click this link.