Specialized Coaching Topics

Topics discussed in coaching sessions are typically chosen by you, the client. That being said, you might  have a specific task, topic or issue you’d like to focus on for a particular period of time.

I’ve prepared several specialized packages, each centered around its own topic. Coaching sessions around these topics will begin with a few generalized questions that have been prepared in advance. Fairly quickly, our conversations will evolve to include questions that organically arise from your exploration of the topic.

Feel free to request more information regarding these packages, or to request a topic you don’t see listed.

See “description” on this page for the current list of topics.



Here’s the current list of specialized topics…

Knock It Out Now!
A special 3-session jumpstart package, in which you develop an action plan for something you want to do in a relatively short period of time.

Creativity Jumpstarter
Explore how you will increase your creativity level and artistic output in a special 4-session jumpstarter package.

What’s Your Footprint?
You’ll discern and activate your unique God-given mission in life.

Change is Hard… and Weird
What changes are you going through in life? Let’s talk about the challenges and opportunities this time represents.

Managing Your Time Management
How will you soothe this savage beast?

Decisions, Decisions
Your exploration into how to best make decisions.

Finding Your Fans: First Steps
What initial steps will you take to find your fans?

Book It!
You select a book. We’ll discuss what you’re learning, and how you want to apply it to your life.

The “Building Better” series (select one or more)
Building a Better Leader – You
Building a Better Team – Your’s
Building a Better Business – Your’s
Building a Better Brand – Your’s
Building a Better Website – Your’s