The Create Journal


The Create Journal is the journey you take as you create.

This free PDF will enable you to write down your thoughts and see your progress.

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You’re ready to create.

It could be a painting, a song, a story. Anything that requires effort and time and is significant enough for you to invest your creative energy into.

As with any significant goal, you’re actually on a journey. Like all journeys, you’ll have good and bad moments as you traverse.

The Create Journal is a way of capturing your journey. The highlights, the struggles, the challenges, the joys.

By writing daily, you’ll see the progress you’re making, and you’ll be encouraged to keep moving!

This eBook is designed so that you can print a week at a time, or 2, 3, 4 weeks, whatever you need. If you print the whole eBook, that’s one month. If your creative project takes longer than a month, simply print more pages.