Randi Ward’s Endless Journey

I could have written many fascinating stories about my world travels, but I knew this life story and Egypt’s story needed to be shared with the world. My fantasy to teach in a foreign country had become a reality even though I lived in a turbulent period in Egypt’s history.”

Randi Ward is energetic. And interesting. And well-traveled. And lots of other good  things.

The depth that comes from her experience shows up in conversation and her creative work. 

Randi touches on several of her interests in this interview, including her thoughts on imagination and the creative process, never standing still, and a pivotal trip to Cairo, Egypt.

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Here’s the question index:

0:23 I had read a little bit about your trip to Egypt in 2011, and after you returned home from teaching in Cairo, Egypt, you wrote a book called Because I Believed in Me (My Egyptian Fantasy Came True.) So, my first question for you Randi is, what was your Egyptian fantasy, and how did it become true?

3:27 Sounds like you had a very profound experience in Egypt. You’ve mentioned in previous interviews that it changed you. In what ways did your time in Egypt affect you?

7:31 That does sound life-changing. What are your thoughts about Egypt now, or maybe about the world in general, as you’ve travelled to many countries over the years?

9:56 I can certainly understand that Randi. Thank you so much for sharing from your experiences, as well as sharing from your heart. I very much appreciate that. If you don’t mind, I think we’ll maybe take a bit of a turn here, maybe go into some discussion on some of the writing, some of the video work that you’ve done. First, you’ve done several YouTube videos over the years. I know that some of those are related to Egypt, others highlight friends, family, humanity and creativity. What’s been your purpose in creating and publishing these videos?

11:35 Those are great goals. In addition to the videos that you’ve done, you’ve also done a fair amount of writing, including blogs at your website. It seems clear that you do value communication as well as artistic expression. Which leads me to ask, what do you sense is your mission in life?

14:01 You just mentioned several things there. It makes me wonder, what motivates you? What drives you? Just the sheer volume here takes a lot of energy. What pushes you, what gives you that energy?

15:38 Who or what is inspiring you these days?

19:21 Thank you again for the overview of all that work. It does sound very interesting. If we could maybe just take a step back for a moment, just to the level of imagination and the creative process itself. I’m wondering if you could speak just a little bit to the challenges and joys that you see in the creative process?

21:46 That sounds great. Randi, what do you wish people knew more about you?

23:28 So, what’s next for you on this endless journey?

24:30 You mentioned a lot of projects in our time together here. I’m curious if you might be able to identify perhaps maybe one of those projects which is closest to your heart, which maybe represents who you are as a person?

27:28 Thank you for sharing that Randi, and it’s a very poignant reminder of what the Lord has given us, and how we ought to steward and take care of those.

27:47 If someone wanted to learn more about you, how could they go about doing that?

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