Here are some resources to boost your creativity…

Free PDF’s from Jim Wall Coaching…

Smart Goals for the Creative Christian

The Create Journal

The Creativity Gap Map




Faith-based websites…

   Ransom Fellowship… equips Christians with the ability to engage the world in a way that brings glory to Christ.


   IAM (International Arts Movement)… focused on beauty, nurturing and healing. Founded and still inspired by the the writing and artwork of founder Makoto Fukimura. Also check out the Fukimura Institute and the Brehm Center.


   Q: Ideas for the Common Good… educates church and cultural leaders on their roles and opportunities to embody the Gospel in public life.


   Steve Brown, etc... centered around Steve Brown’s nationally syndicated radio show. Part of the Key Life Network, where you’ll find great articles by a variety of authors. Key Life’s “About” says it best, “Key Life exists to communicate that the deepest message of the ministry of Jesus and the Bible is the radical grace of God to sinners and sufferers. Because life is hard for everyone, grace is for all of us. We believe the Bible reveals that this grace is amazing, scandalous, free, inexhaustible, mysterious, abundant, irresistible, costly, gratuitous, wondrous, overflowing and extravagant.”

   ByFaith magazine… online magazine created from a reformed/PCA perspective which is immersed in a Christian world-and-life view. Good site for articles on art and culture.

   Faith Driven Entrepreneur... creativity and entrepreneurship are a lot closer than most people realize. Faith Driven  Entrepreneur proves the point with hi-quality videos, podcasts and blogs.

   Hollywood Jesus… Is there a more intriguing name for a website? HJ offers entertainment reviews and interactive ranking articles from a faith-based perspective.

   CIVA (Christians in the Visual Arts)… encourages Christians to remember that they are called to be creative, devoted to the church, and present in culture.

   AEM (Arts & Entertainment Ministries)… AEM equips and educates artists, creative professionals, churches and educators to embrace the Gospel and become agents of redemption for the arts, the culture and the world.

Center for Faith & Work… cultural renewal resources and encouragement for artists and churches from Redeemer Church, NYC.



   Charles de Andrade and Scribblers Christian Writers Club… Scribblers is a group of Christian writers who gather to support one another and share resources. There are several chapters sprinkled though Georgia and Florida. Scribblers also offers strategic marketing and resources.

   New City Arts… Based in Charlottesville, VA, New City Arts Initiative is a collaborative community that supports artists and facilitates cultural participation.


   JP Robinson and Lancaster Christian Writers Association… Based in Lancaster, PA, the LCWA is a non-denominational association of Christian writers designed to provide full service to writers and speakers through a variety of educational and inspirational avenues in a Spirit-filled environment.

  Eric Copeland and For the Creative SoulFor the Creative Soul is meant to enrich and inspire artists, musicians, songwriters, dancers, actors or anyone who uses their creative talents in the arts.


  Artists in Christian Testimony International… A.C.T. International exists to mobilize and equip artistic and innovative ministries and missionaries for Christian work around the world.

   Tom Becker and The Row House… based in Lancaster, PA, The Row House engages current culture with ancient faith.

The Washington Institute for Faith, Vocation, and Culture… “provides a place where Christians think carefully about issues worth pondering. We want our authors to delve into questions that we had not quite thought to ask, or to ask in that way, but that we wish we had asked.”

Matt Tommey is an artist and a mentor for Christian artists. Matt’s desire to see Christian artists thrive comes out abundantly in his books, podcasts, and mentoring.

Any sites you’d recommend? Let me know!