Claire Underwood Hertzler and The High Sheriff of Greene

“As I neared the finish line, I had to forego my three mornings at the gym; my only exercise became sitting at the computer!”

Claire Underwood Hertzler recently released her first book, The High Sheriff of Greene, based on the life of a legendary Georgia sheriff.

Claire’s writings include these published articles:  “Travel Insurance Tips,” Transitions Abroad Magazine; “Encounter With God,” Church Recreation Magazine; and “Easter at Flat Rock,” Georgia Magazine, also about Greene County, Georgia.  She has two articles in The Pens in the Piedmont, an anthology released July, 2017 by the East Metro Atlanta Christian Writers.

In addition to writing, Claire was one of the first activists fighting human trafficking in Atlanta. She is active in Atlanta’s North Avenue Presbyterian Church.

Jim Wall Coaching (JWC): This is your first published book. What prompted you to write this story as your first?

Claire: I had been considering writing a book set in Greene County, Georgia, because I grew up there. I knew Sheriff Wyatt by sight – “there go Wyatt and Taylor”; however, I never expected to write a book about a sheriff! So it’s been a surprise to me.  It’s like L.L. Wyatt’s name came to me from outside myself and the more doors the opened to me, the more I felt called to write his story.   Continue reading “Claire Underwood Hertzler and The High Sheriff of Greene”