Marlene Griggs and Ulysses’ Diaries

“The journey of each of the women in Ulysses’ Diaries is a simple one, a rewarding one, and a healing one. I want everyone who reads this story, especially African-American children, to find reconciliation with the God of all gods, and to know his gift to us, his love for us through Jesus Christ.”

Marlene Griggs was born on the 4th of July, 1957, along with her twin sister Darlene. She’s a native of Pittsburgh, PA, and still lives there.

Marlene has five sisters and says, “There was never a time where I felt alone. It was fun growing up, always being able to engage our imaginations by staging a play or a film (musical) down in our basement.”

Marlene dedicated her life to the Lord as a teenager. Since then, she’s had a heart towards ministering to the Lord and his people. Ulysses’ Diaries, her first published work, continues that mission. Continue reading “Marlene Griggs and Ulysses’ Diaries”