Being. Happy and Fortunate.

Sometimes, particularly after a bad experience, I wonder how God’s heart must break from all the evil that we do to each other. The harm, hate and abuse we pour into each other. It’s bad enough what this does to us, I can only imagine God’s pain from seeing it.

There was a particular horror that Jesus experienced. God brutally murdered. Judged and executed in full public display. 

Jesus’ father forsook him, his friends either denied or betrayed him, his community rejected him. He experienced all of the pain and misery, harm, hate and abuse that we’ve suffered. This means he understands and can relate to us.

The resurrection of Jesus means he’s overcome all of the evil. The sting of death has been removed. The table is now set for joy. Continue reading “Being. Happy and Fortunate.”

What One Man Can Do

Her blood spilled out until I thought there could be no more. Then she died.

Some people say the life of a cop can be exciting, even glamorous. I don’t. Not when you have to live with the memory of an innocent girl dying in your arms.

I’m thinking about her, replaying the details of that day in my mind as my partner and I patrol the west side. He looks over and asks, “What’s with you? You haven’t said two words all day.”

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