We Wouldn’t Practice Without Infinity

We practice in an effort to improve, to grow. To get better at music, relationships, work, life.

Why do we do this? Because we’re not there yet. We’re not at our best, our most fulfilled, with all of our potential realized. 

Is there a limit to how good we can get? Some would argue that there is. However, I think there’s always possibility for growth. Here’s why…

  • You’ll likely get incrementally better by practicing over a set period of time. “Incrementally” may not seem like much, but you are, in fact, getting better. 
  • Can you read, watch, study others to learn from them? If so, you’ll improve. If not, you’re assuming that you know absolutely everything there is to know about your craft. 
  • Sometimes we improve in one area, but not another. The area that we improve in is likely the best path to follow for further growth.

I once read a reviewer say that if the guitarist Jimmy Page could think it, he could play it. On one hand, this could mean that Page had reached the pinnacle of his ability. However, Page later said that he enjoyed the challenge of orchestrating the sounds that were heard on Led Zeppelin’s recordings. In other words, he still had creative challenges in front of him. 

There are always creative challenges in front of us. 

We won’t hit the limit of our creativity in our lifetime.  So, we continue to push on. We keep reaching for the infinite.

We practice because of the belief that we can get better, that there’s something worth striving for. 

In other words, if infinity didn’t exist, we wouldn’t practice.

This has huge implications for all of us, and is a tremendous encouragement to Christian creatives. Only an infinite God can provide nearly limitness abundance and diversity for our growth.

Keep exploring, discovering, reaching as an artist. Keep learning more about God, others and yourself.

God has given you something to do, something to work on, something you’re created to do.

Keep practicing.

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