We’re All Living in a Parallel Universe

While scientists debate the possibility of alternate or parallel universes, it’s obvious that at least one parallel universe exists.

And it’s right next to us. We can step into it at any time. In fact, most of us go in and out of this parallel universe multiple times a day.

How do we access it? Easy. It’s at the touch of a button.

Who are we in this parallel universe? We are our name, or nickname, or screen name. It’s our face, but it’s likely our best possible version. It’s the moments of our life, the food we eat, the places we visit. Most of us are quite comfortable expressing our opinions in this parallel universe… sound-bite snippets that we’re sure leave little room for debate. 

What do we find in this parallel universe? Anything. Everything. If you, or anyone else, can imagine it, it’s there. This parallel, online universe that you inhabit every day might feel like an alternate reality, but it’s completely you when you visit there. You leave nothing behind.

Who are you as a Christian creative in this alternate universe? In what ways do you bring your faith, your values, and Biblical truth?

If the seen universe belongs to God, then so do all possible universes, multiverses, and parallel universes. Nothing and no place is beyond God’s providence and grace.

There is one more reality to consider. This one’s unseen. We have the opportunity every day to live forward to it, and it is not limited by our imagination. In fact, it’s beyond imagination. 

No eye has seen it. No ear has heard. It cannot be defined by limitations, and it’s infinitely diverse. 

There’s a new name waiting for us in that reality, a perfected, non-photoshopped face, and the moments of life will be ones of redemption, restoration, and re-creation.

Your reality? Your choice.

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