What Becomes of it?

It started with a vision
Of the future in my imagination
Idealized, romanticized, and perfect in conception
Pure and lovely in visualization

Brought forth, broken through the wall
That separates mind from space
Thought from senses
Real from imagination

And then it morphed
Into something different
And I’m not as sure of it

I don’t know it as well
It’s kind of like how I imagined it would be
But kind of not
Different, altered, changed

And this is the reality
Of something we release into the world
Something that others touch and experience
Their interaction with it causes
The change, the evolution, the application

Now it belongs to the world 
And it will never be the same
Which is the way it should be
With things you can’t hold in

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2 Responses

  1. Hey Jim,
    Good to “see” you. Hope all is well for you. Loved your poem.

    • Jim says:

      Hi Marlene. Good to “see” you too! Thanks for the encouragement.

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