My desire is to celebrate a Creator God by encouraging your creativity.

Yep, that’s me! With the 1969 Fender Jazz bass my dad gave me a long time ago.

I was a teenager borrowing basses left and right so I could play in a rock band. My dad wrapped up his bass one Christmas and gave it to me.

At least, I think it’s a 1969 model. The serial number was scratched off. Judging by a handwritten date on the pickups (May 1968), and the design of the machine heads, I think 1968-1970 would be about right.

Over the years, I’ve held various leadership positions in business, including operations, sales and maketing management. I’ve also served non-profits in operational and communication capacities.

I LOVE God’s creativity. Abundant. Diverse. Beyond all possible imagining.

Let’s share this joy.