You may be part of a group that has an interest in coaching.

Each group coaching session revolves around a theme. Your group can suggest  or develop that theme, or select from any of the themes below.

  • What is the connection between God and creativity?
  • How has God built you?
  • How will you combine self-expression and beyond-imagination?
  • What does God-led creativity look like or feel like to you?
  • What’s the place of money and fame?
  • What are your creative patterns and processes?
  • How will you live as an artist in God’s presence?

Group coaching is three times per month, for three months. You need to have a minimum of 3 people, maximum of 10.

Everyone in your group must commit to one of the following, which will be presented or talked about in our last group session(s)…

  1. create something or…
  2. sharpen a specific skill or…
  3. develop an identifiable leadership skill

Group coaching sessions can be conducted over the phone or via video conferencing.

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