Charles de Andrade and the Scribblers Christian Writers’ Club

One of the most unique experiences I’ve had with Scribblers is the fact that this is one of these things in my life where, as I see it developing, it brings me joy. I feel like my energies, my talents are being used to create something that reflects… greater glory for God.”

Once upon a time a group of writers formed a club…

And they called it the Scribblers Christian Writers’ Club.

Serving in equal measures encourager and spark plug, Charles de Andrade has helped organize several Scribblers’ chapters, all of which meet once a month.

Beyond providing encouragement to authors, Scribblers’ members share costs for marketing expenses like exhibit booths, graphic designers, web designers, etc. Scribblers’ meetings are also frequently visited by industry experts who share their knowledge of publishing and printing.

In this interview, Charles talks about his writing career, how and why he formed Scribblers, and the joy and driving force of stewardship in his life.

Visit the Scribblers website here.

Visit Charles’ page at Scribblers.

Here is the question index:

0:27 You’ve held a variety of corporate leadership positions in your life. When did you start to write, and what was the impetus behind that?

1:46 This is a series of books that you’ve written?

2:43 What was the catalyst for the miracles of Christ series?

4:13 In the last couple of years you’ve formed a group called the Scribblers Christian Writer’s Club. What is that club, and what led you to get that started?

6:30 Did you have any sort of model for this club?

8:09 How would you describe your role, as it relates to the Scribblers group?

10:51 It does seem that Scribblers Christian Writers Club continues to grow and evolve. Recently, launched an online bookstore. Why a bookstore at this point when there are so many outlets for distribution?

12:56 The online bookstore is fully functioning at this point for your authors?

13:27 What’s the biggest challenge to you as a writer and, similar to that, what’s the biggest challenge in organizing the Scribblers?

14:50 What do you see as the biggest opportunity related to growth for Scribblers?

16:35 What’s the most satisfying part of your work with Scribblers?

17:11 Your first (book) series related to stewards of creation and that overall philosophy. Could you share a bit of your philosophy of stewardship? What comes to mind with that word?

21:10 How would you tie that perspective of stewardship, in a practical sense, to your work with Scribblers?

23:03 Other thoughts before we call our time here a conclusion?

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2 Responses

  1. Randi D Ward says:

    Great interview with Charles. He is the impressive leader of our Scribblers Christian Writers group in Georgia. Listening to his interview is helping me to learn many new interesting things about him.

    • Jim says:

      Thanks Randi! Charles wonderfully combines encouragement and focus to those around him.

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