Paul Bielatowicz’s Progressive Creativity

I don’t want to create something that’s already there because, what’s the point? What am I adding to the world?”

Paul’s bio at his Facebook page tells you some of what you need to know about him…

Paul Bielatowicz has earned a name for himself as a technical guitarist in the Prog Rock genre. Paul has toured the world as a member of both the Carl Palmer Band (Emerson Lake and Palmer) and Neal Morse’s band (Spock’s Beard, Transatlantic). His live performances with these two bands have been well documented on both live albums and DVDs.

Aside from his busy touring schedule, Paul’s career as a studio musician has seen him making album appearances alongside Paul Gilbert, Mike Portnoy, Randy George, Neal Morse and Carl Palmer, to name but a few.

Over the years, Paul has been a regular contributor for the UK guitar magazines; writing regular columns for Guitarist Magazine and working as a transcriber for Guitar Techniques magazine. Through his work with Guitar Techniques magazine he has also had the opportunity to interview some of the biggest names in rock guitar, including Steve Vai and Joe Satriani.”

But yet, that doesn’t quite cover it. There’s something about Paul’s personality that immediately draws you in. Perhaps it’s his non-stop curiosity in discovering ways of doing new things, maybe it’s the level of joy he has as he shares those things, or the level of self-awareness he brings to his creative life. To top it all off, Paul is an exceptionally gifted communicator. 

All of those things come out in this interview in which Paul talks about his playing technique, a talking cat, and a special offer to his fans…  

Visit Paul’s website here
Facebook page is Paul Bielatowicz
YouTube channel is Paul Bielatowicz
Spotify at Paul Bielatowicz

And check out Paul’s Patreon page at

Here’s the question index:

0:11 When did you know you wanted to play guitar?

1:25 Who are your influences, especially related to your tapping technique?

5:03 What’s your definition of creativity and how do you apply that to your life?

7:16 How do you create? (structure, processes, etc?)

9:16 What are your challenges as a creative?

11:08 What are your joys as a creative?

11:49 You integrate film footage from the silent filmmaker Georges Méliès (among others) in some of your live performances.  How does showing movie clips affect your playing?

14:59 What encourages you to keep creating?

15:42 What encouragement would you give creatives?

16:08 What question should I have asked, but didn’t?

16:43 How can we learn more about you?

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