Satisfaction Survey

Satisfaction Survey

Welcome to your Satisfaction Survey!

How satisfied are you with your life, including your creative life?

This assessment tool is perhaps the most direct way to see what areas in your life you'd like to see growth in.

Enter a number from 1 to 10 below each of the following areas. If you give an item a 1, it means, “This part of my life is not good at all.” A number 10 means, “I couldn’t be more satisfied with this part of my life.”

Skip any items that don’t apply to you. If I've missed anything, please feel free to write in any part of your life that is not shown on this survey and then assign a number to it. You can write in those parts of your life in the open fields at the bottom of the survey.

After you complete the survey...

What areas did you rate the highest? These are areas which you feel best about.

What areas did you rate the lowest? Those are areas that you sense could be better.

Please let me know if have any questions about your satisfaction survey. I'd be glad to recommended resources to help you along, or to discuss how coaching can help you release your God-given potential.

An email will be sent to you documenting your responses. (Leave the email field blank if you do not wish to be added to emails from Jim Wall Coaching.)

Personal Spiritual Life

Physical Health

Mental/Emotional Health

Personal Growth

Church/Religious Life

Home Life (Immediate Family)

Marriage/Romantic Relationships

Friends/Social Life

Financial Stability

Physical Comfort (House, Neighborhood, Cars, etc.)

Career/Employment Satisfaction

Managing Your Time


Creative Quality/Output

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